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Author's Foreword

Ch 1 - The Fact and Philosophy of the Atonement

Ch 2 - The Author of the Atonement

Ch 3 - The Mediator of the Atonement
– The Only Begotten One

Ch 4 - The Mediator of the Atonement
– The Undefiled One

Ch 5 -  The Mediator of the Atonement
– “Made Like Unto His Brethren” and
“Touched with a Feeiling of Our Infirmities”

Ch 6 - The Mediator of the Atonement
– David’s Son and David’s Lord

Ch 7 - The Mediator of the Atonement
– “The Son of Man”

Ch 8 - The Channel of the Atonement
– The Holy Spirit of God

Ch 9 - The Baptism, Witness and Seal
of the Spirit of At-One-Ment

Ch 10 - The Spirit of a Sound Mind

Ch 11 - The Holy Spirit of At-One-Ment
– Supposed Objections Considered

Ch 12 - The Subject of the Atonement – Man

Ch 13 - Hopes for Life Everlasting and Immortality
Secured by the Atonement

Ch 14 - The Necessity for the Atonement
– The Curse

Ch 15 - “A Ransom for All” the Only Basis for At-One-Ment

Ch 16 - The Ministry of Reconciliation or At-One-Ment


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